Wordage (2012)

Ink on Paper & Coloured Polyester Resins on board, various sizes

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Self Portrait as Bob Dylan (2011)

Polyester Resins on board


Petrol Seller (2010)

Polyester Resins on foam - 92 x 213.5cm


The Mum, the Dad (2009)

Coloured Polyester resins on mirrored perspex: 48 x 66cm

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Story (2009)

Digitally manipulated stills

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An A to Z of No's (2009)

Coloured Polyester resins on board: 92 x 213.5cm

These Day's (2009) & Be Careful (2009)

These Day's Coloured Polyester resins on board: 62 x 60cm  - Be Careful Watercolour on paper: 11 x 11cm

Light green, Cadmium orange, Vermilion red Alert (2008)

Watercolour on paper: each 24 x 29cm

Art is the thinking you think about most (2007)

Digital Sequence

The words were written by my inspirational brother Jonny Cole and I found them whilst reading through one of his sketchbooks. Jonny was killed in a motorbike accident in Cambodia in January 2007. He was an extraordinary artist and a great friend. I think about him most of all and this phrase of his seems to sum up my feelings and accounts for any reasons I might have to paint. Jon stood for pretty much everything I aspire to be.
Jon wrote this, I animated it. Art is the thinking you think about most - that's Jonny alright

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Countdown (2003)

Coloured Polyester resins on board: 122 x 244cm

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Tom (2003)

Coloured Polyester resins on board: 122 x 122cm

Far Away, So Close (2003)

Coloured Polyester resins on perspex: each 29 x 29cm

Red White Orange Grey (2003)

Coloured Polyester resins on board: each 55 x 36cm

Line Series (2002)

Coloured Polyester Resins on board: each 43cm x 43cm

System Studies (2000)

Coloured Polyester resins, iron & aluminium on board: each 21 x 21cm

No Splits (2000)

Coloured Polyester resins & iron on board: 112 x 122cm

Lovehearts (2000 and more recently)

Coloured Polyester resins & iron on board: various sizes

Red on Red (2000)

Coloured Polyester resins on board: 31 x 31cm

Structure (2000)

Coloured Polyester resins on board: 30 x 30cm

Loop (1998)

Coloured Polyester resins on perspex: 30 x 30cm