A Peripheral Vision

Project 78 Gallery presented some of my work completed in 2014/15 in a solo exhibition entitled ‘a peripheral vision'.

The exhibition ran from early February 2015 until mid March.

I distinctly remember buying the secondhand record 'Debut' from a boot sale. It had a gatefold sleeve that had become unstuck to reveal the CMYK shapes along the inside glued tab. The colours, shapes and patterns were simple but compelling. Around the same time I started collecting the tabs from cereal boxes.

I have always had a tendency to inspect and read the box whilst eating my cereal and had noticed these 'peripherals' before. They had always delighted me visually and like anything that is collected and observed regularly, small differences are soon observed and enjoyed.

I had planned a while ago to use these 'peripherals' or 'incidentals' as a springboard for some new paintings and this exhibition presented an opportunity to show several together at the same time. Thanks particularly to Patrick Adam Jones for inviting me to exhibit and for all his curatorial expertise and general help during the duration of the exhibition.


A short selection of images of 'a peripheral vision' at Project 78 Gallery. Hastings UK