Summer highlights from the Museum Boijmans. Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

There are three coloured styrene panels attached to the outside of the restructured section of the Boijmans, this is a narrow wing that extends as far as the Westersingel. At the end is the large Picasso sculpture. I'd love to know who made the panels – a fantastic triptych.

You can see Richard Serra’s ‘Waxing Arcs’, a work that consists of two gigantic arcs of steel that you can walk around. Their presence dominates everything in the large space - its palpable. There is a multimedia presentation that examines the work’s history and how works of art change over time. In this case, the steel has been oxidising slowly even though it is inside, in a fairly dry atmosphere. Thankfully the light projectors run at regular intervals so you can enjoy the 'arcs' without the info and visuals. That said, it is very informative.

Wall Painting No.155 (Staff) is attributed to Jan Van der Ploeg. This hard edged painted mural on the wall of a long but well lit hallway. The delightful combination of matt colours help to emphasize the architectural space that is the corridor. I like the contrast between the vertical window sections and the horizontal painted sections. The upper pink stripe almost fluoresces as if it were a length of perspex. You may want to run as you pass through and then linger at each end to take in the visual grandeur of this painting.