The Calling of St Matthew

Three Caravaggio's for the price of one at the San Luigi dei Francesi church in Rome. A wonderful experience to see the paintings in the quiet surroundings of a church and up close too. 'The Calling of St Matthew' is expertly constructed and wonderfully painted to make the most of the way that a beam of light may illuminate a scene. There seems to be some debate about who is Matthew and whilst it seems likely that he is the bearded man rather than the younger man with his eyes cast down looking at the money, perhaps it doesn't matter! Either Caravaggio has captured the moment of Matthew's calling with the realisation of this fact apparent on the face of the bearded tax collector - or, the moment is delayed whilst the younger Matthew attempts to count the cost of discipleship. I'm happy to live with either interpretation, an exquisite picture.

I bought the postcard but then noticed that half the window was missing from the picture - since the frame delineates a cross and the impending crucifixion, I was a bit surprised that the picture had been changed so much.